Three Stone Halo Engagement Rings

An age-old symbol of the past, present, and future of your love, our three-stone engagement ring comes in various setting styles. With dazzlingly sparkle from three central stones paired with surrounding accent diamonds, any design of this setting is sure to be a perfect match for your style.

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      Unique 14K White Gold Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

      $ 3,690
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      Unique 14K White Gold Vintage Halo Engagement Ring

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      Unique 14K White Gold Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

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      18K White-Rose Gold Cushion Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

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      14K White-Rose Gold Round Diamond Engagement Ring

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    • Starlet

      14K White-Yellow Gold Round Diamond Engagement Ring

      $ 3,090

    Our Three-Stone Halo Engagement Ring Collection will make your proposal unforgettable

    Among all of our collections, Gabriel & Co.'s three stone halo engagement rings are one of the most desired ring designs. The three stones have come to symbolize different things to different couples: stages of time, stages of love, or even stages of life. The stones can even mean different things individually without following a specific theme. Whatever the stones symbolize for you and your bride-to-be, the accent diamonds and the center stone will be a constant reminder of your devotion to each other and the success of your relationship.