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Floral Collection Earrings

Adorned with pretty petals and lush leaves, our floral fine jewelry collection will help your everyday style blossom. These fresh and alluring earrings take their cues from Mother Nature’s bounty. Discover delicate pieces and bold statement-makers each blooming with feminine charm. Crafted from precious metals and embellished with diamonds and gemstones, these enduring styles evoke the beauty of spring all year round.

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    Floral Collection Earrings at Gabriel & Co.

    At Gabriel & Co., we want you to feel new and rejuvenated every time you step outside, and a set of our Floral Collection Earrings will do that. The 14K White Gold Dual Strand Diamond Ear Climber Earrings look like glittering vines reaching towards the sunlight. The 14K White Gold Peek-A-Boo Diamond Laurel Branch Earrings contain round diamonds attached to a laurel branch, which symbolizes honor and achievement. Our Floral Collection Earrings come in sterling silver, white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold, so you can wear them with any style, any outfit, any time. With 35 choices, you will easily find the right floral earring for you.