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Victorian Rings

At Gabriel & Co., our victorian rings are a way for us to honor the style of an era by making you feel elegant. These rings look like they came from an historical antique collection, making you feel like you were dropped right into the Victorian Age over 100 years ago.

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    Victorian Rings at Gabriel & Co.

    A victorian ring is a symbol of elegance, history, and art. It is inspired by a classic style that can be striking or subtle, depending on your preference. A 925 sterling silver vintage inspired ruby fashion ring looks like it belong on the finger of a member of royalty in a professional portrait. The 14K white gold vintage inspired wide band sapphire and diamond ladies' ring has color for personality and diamonds for sparkle in the band itself for a ring that can work with an extravagant or relaxed look. Gabriel & Co.’s victorian rings are designed to bring out your radiant personality.