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Contemporary Necklaces

Contemporary means “belonging in the present”, and that is what our contemporary necklaces represent. It’s a feeling of the here and now, and Gabriel & Co. has several different styles to help you achieve the “here and now” look.

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    Contemporary Necklaces at Gabriel & Co.

    Gabriel & Co.'s collection of Contemporary Necklaces showcases 14 distinct styles so, no matter what look or style you are going for, we have you covered. Choose from a minimalist y-knot style or a subtle yet sexy bar necklace. If you would rather have a piece of jewelry without big stones or tiny sparkling diamonds, celebrate your destiny in your stars with your zodiac sign. Subdued or striking, faint or flashy, delicate or dazzling, you have options in contemporary necklaces. This collection of necklaces allows for everyone to proudly display their sense of style and self through these gorgeous pieces of jewelry.