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Bar Necklaces

Our silver and gold bar necklaces are available in a range of silhouettes, including simple and straight, gracefully curved, and modern "V" shapes. Diamond bar necklaces are a glamorous day-to-night choice, while birthstone bar necklaces make thoughtful gifts.

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Trendy Fashion Bar Necklace from Gabriel & Co.

Bar necklaces are a modern must-have for any jewelry collection, with their unique and sophisticated shape. Choose from a variety of silhouettes to fit any personal style: simple and straight, gently curved, or contemporary “V” shapes. Worn alone, bar necklaces are a subtle yet beautiful everyday piece. Layered with other delicate pieces, they make for a dazzling addition to any ensemble. Gabriel & Co. recognizes the power of a beautiful piece of jewelry. That’s why we’re here to guide you through our extensive collection of necklaces so that you leave feeling confident that you’re giving the gift of a lifetime