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Ring Jackets, Ring Wraps, Ring Enhancers

Ring jackets, ring wraps, and ring enhancers are perfect extensions to add beautiful detail to engagement rings. These additions seamlessly expand both the size and appearance of any ring to increase quality or upgrade an older, existing ring.

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Finding the Right Ring Jackets & Ring Enhancers at Gabriel & Co.

Let's say you've already got a ring your bride adores. How can you add to an already gorgeous piece of jewelry? Gabriel & Co.'s ring jackets, ring wraps, and ring enhancers can bring something new and vibrant to any ring. A ring wrap brings out the glamour of any ring - modern or traditional. A ring enhancer is for larger rings to increase their size and look. A ring jacket adds an element of dazzle and feels like an upgrade. Each wrap, enhancer, and jacket has different colors and looks to go with any ring, any bridge, and any style.