Marquise Diamond Engagement Rings

With a distinct and traditional oblong shape, marquise engagement rings provide a striking, elegant appearance for the wearer. Due to the modified cut and increased exposure to light, marquise cut diamonds maximize carat weight and create a longer, slimmer appearance for the finger. Rooted in 17th century high fashion, the elliptical shape provides a truly unique ring setting style and is perfect for those seeking a traditional throwback with modern sophistication.

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  • Aurora

    14K White Gold Marquis Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

    $ 2,640
  • Leticia

    Vintage 14k White Gold Marquise Halo Engagement Ring

    $ 2,490
  • Saffron

    14k White Gold Marquise Double Halo Engagement Ring

    $ 3,700
  • Sinclair

    14k White Gold Marquise Twisted Engagement Ring

    $ 2,815
  • Milena

    14k White Gold Marquise Twisted Engagement Ring

    $ 2,390
  • Eve

    18K White Gold Engagement Ring

    $ 9,065